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Personality Test

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Quick Tips are used to provide a brief overview of each page. Please select the statement in each section that best describes what you would prefer to do if given the choice. It’s best to select a statement quickly without over-analyzing as there are no right or wrong answers – only personal choices! All of the answers combine to help determine your overall personality type – so be honest!


1.   Eating dinner in a restaurant 2.   Drinking a cocktail
  Preparing dinner at home
  Drinking a soda
3.   Crying over a sad movie 4.   Vote in a national election
  Laughing at a comedy
  Vote in a local election
5.   Listen to rock music 6.   Go to university full time
  Listen to classical music
  Attend night school
7.   Join a country club 8.   Donate to charity
  Join a political organization
  Volunteer in a soup kitchen
9.   Traveling internationally 10.   Sunbathing at the beach
  Traveling locally
  Sunbathing in the backyard
11.   Going on a diet 12.   Jogging in a local park
  Eating whatever you want
  Jogging on a treadmill at the gym
13.   Balance a checkbook 14.   Adopt a puppy
  Create a budget
  Adopt a kitten
15.   Use a word processor    
  Write in longhand



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